Coral-dwelling gall crabs (Cryptochiridae) are common inhabitants of scleractinian corals. Several species have been described as new in recent years, including Lithoscaptus doughnut, which was described from Hong Kong based on a single female retrieved from the coral Plesiastrea peroni. Here we extend the distribution range of L. doughnut with nine additional localities throughout the Indo-West Pacific, from the Red Sea to the Coral Triangle and Japan. We describe a male specimen of L. doughnut for the first time, based on a specimen from Malaysia, and provide photographs of life and preserved material. Haplotype networks based on COI mtDNA (n = 12) and 16 rRNA sequences (n = 12) were created. We retrieved eleven COI haplotypes and six 16S haplotypes, however no clear geographic distribution pattern was discerned. Intraspecific variation in L. doughnut was 1.4% for COI and 0.2% for 16S. Lastly, the first colour photos and records of associated parasites of this species are provided.

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Claassen, Jorn R., Tuti, Yosephine, & van der Meij, S. (2024). An Indo-West Pacific Distribution for the Coral-Dwelling Gall Crab Lithoscaptus doughnut (Decapoda: Cryptochiridae). Arthropoda, 2(1), 66–75. doi:10.3390/arthropoda2010005