In April 1969 I paid a visit to Ceylon for a week, allowing me to study for the first time the collections of the Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya (PDA), including Thwaites type specimens. My stay was made possible through the Smithsonian Flora of Ceylon Project. The study of Thwaites’ type material revealed some new facts affecting the synonymy of Ochna jabotapita L. and O. obtusata DC. It had previously come to my attention that materials distributed as O. moonii Thw. under number C.P. 1224 belonged to either O. obtusata (BM, BO) or O. lanceolata Spreng. (K, P) (see also the note on page 26 of my revision). I subsequently found that all three species of Ochna in Ceylon were represented on the sheet in PDA, obviously bearing Thwaites’ holotype. From this and accompanying sheets it is clear that the material belonging to O. jabotapita should in fact be designated as the holotype of Thwaites’ species. Consequently, the whole paragraph under O. moonii on page 30 of my revision should be transferred from the synonymy of O. obtusata to that of O. jabotapita. The phrase ‘excl. syn. O. quarrosa L. sensu Moon = O. jabotapita L. ’should be deleted. The type should be referred to as C.P. 1224 p.p. (PDA p.p. holo).