Length 7 mm. — Elongate elliptical, much more broadly rounded in front than behind, convex (above and beneath) in the transverse as well as in the longitudinal direction so that the insect is highest just before the middle of its length. Subshining, pitchy brown, darker above than beneath and than the legs and antennae, the tarsi and the short antennal joints pale rusty red; the whole insect covered with a tomentose pubescence and moreover, especially on the upper surface, with long erect hairs; the colour of the entire pubescence is greyish yellow with the exception of an ill-defined transverse spot on the highest portion of the back where the hairs are black, which spot is very conspicuous when the insect is seen sideways. Head entirely hidden under the prothorax, strongly and densely punctured. — Prothorax distinctly broader than long, slightly narrower than the elytra, very broadly rounded and sharply edged in front, the front-margin slightly upturned, the sides constricted before the posterior angles so as to make the latter divergent; the basal margin bisinuate, the middle-lobe subtruncate with rounded angles; the pronotum equally and rather densely covered with very distinct punctures. Scutellum as long as broad, with strongly curved sides and rounded tip. — Elytra rather finely and irregularly punctured, having here and there the appearance of being faintly rugose, and showing traces of faint costae; the shoulders are prominent in consequence of a shallow impression along the base and a narrow deeper one along the basal portion of the lateral margins. — The under surface is very densely punctured.