The genus Troporhogas Cameron, 1905 from the Indo-Malayan region is reviewed. Six new species, Troporhogas alboniger Quicke, Loncle & Butcher, sp. nov., T. benjamini Quicke, Loncle & Butcher, sp. nov., T. hugoolseni Quicke, Loncle & Butcher, sp. nov., T. rafaelnadali Quicke, Loncle & Butcher, sp. nov., and T. rogerfedereri Quicke, Loncle & Butcher, sp. nov. from Thailand, and T. anamikae Ranjith, sp. nov. from India are described and illustrated photographically, bringing the total number of species of the genus known from the Indo-Malayan Region to 19. Troporhogas is recorded for the first time from India. A key is included to differentiate Troporhogas species. A four-gene ML tree based on COI, Cytb, 16S and 28S is reconstructed, representing the six new species. Troporhogas contrastus Long, 2014, originally described from Vietnam, is recorded from Thailand for the first time. The holotypes of the type species, Troporhogas tricolor Cameron, 1905 and that of its junior synonym Iporhogas are illustrated, and photographs are presented of all the species known only from China and Sri Lanka. Sexual colour dimorphism of males of several species is described for the first time. Drawings summarising the different patterns of black marks on the metasoma that aid species recognition are presented.

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Quicke, Donald L. J., Ranjith, A. P., Loncle, Marisa K., van Achterberg, C., Long, Khuat Dang, & Butcher, Buntika A. (2024). Revision of Troporhogas Cameron (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Rogadinae) with six new species from India and Thailand. ZooKeys, 1206, 99–136. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1206.120824