Water mites of the genus Atractides Koch, 1837 are among the most frequently found mites in running waters of the Himalayas. In the present study seven species of this genus are identified from material collected in 2021 from Bhutan. Five species new for science are described, i.e., Atractides mangdensis sp. nov., A. conflatus sp. nov., A. bhutanicus sp. nov., A. indentatus sp. nov., and A. himalayicus sp. nov.

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Pešić, Vladimir, Smit, H., & Gurung, Mer Man. (2023). Five new species of water mite genus Atractides Koch, 1837 from Bhutan with new records (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Hygrobatidae). Acarologia, 63(1), 148–168. doi:10.24349/e399-mzq1