Invasive alien species (IAS) threaten biodiversity and human well-being. These threats may increase in the future, necessitating accurate projections of potential locations and the extent of invasions. The main aim of the IAS prototype Digital Twin (IAS pDT) is to dynamically project the level of plant invasion at habitat level across Europe under current and future climates using joint species distribution models. The pDT detects updates in data sources and versions of the datasets and model outputs, implementing the FAIR principles. The pDT’s outputs will be available via an interactive dashboard. All input and output data will be freely accessible.

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Research Ideas and Outcomes
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Khan, Taimur, El-Gabbas, Ahmed, Golivets, Marina, Souza, Allan, Gordillo, J., Kierans, Dylan, & Kühn, Ingolf. (2024). Prototype Biodiversity Digital Twin: Invasive Alien Species. Research Ideas and Outcomes, 10(e124579). doi:10.3897/rio.10.e124579