Uncommon benthic annelid taxa are problematic as they were described briefly, with few or no illustrations. Thus, taxa might become confused or forgotten, rendering it difficult to delimit genera or species. The amphinomid genus Pherecardites Horst, 1912, with P. parva Horst, 1912 as its type species, was briefly described as having a caruncle with a median axis and lateral lamellae directed posteriorly. The anterior end was not illustrated for P. parva, but it was for P. quinquemaculata Augener, 1927. Another genus was proposed for a similar Antarctic annelid: Branchamphinome Hartman, 1967, with B. antarctica Hartman, 1967 as its type species, having a caruncle with a larger median lobe and other ones directed backwards. Pherecardites was overlooked and most subsequently described species were included in Branchamphinome. A comparison of type or topotype specimens led us to conclude these two genera are synonyms, so that Pherecardites must be retained by priority, and illustrations are included showing their resemblance. Keys are included for identifying all amphinomin genera and all species in Pherecardites.

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Bleeker, J., Harris, Leslie, ten Hove, H., & Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I. (2023). Pherecardites Horst, 1912 and Branchamphinome Hartman, 1967 are synonyms (Annelida, Amphinomidae, Amphinominae). Zoosystema, 45(13), 435–443. doi:10.5252/zoosystema2023v45a13