A new species of Pleurothallis is described from Ciudad Quesada in Costa Rica. The novelty belongs to Pleurothallis series Acroniae Luer, having a close floral affinity with P. dentipetala and P. rowleei, from which it can be easily distinguished by the two-flowered inflorescence branches, bearing tiny yellow flowers with ovate-lanceolate, undulate dorsal sepal, decurved, oblong-lanceolate, dagger-like petals, and an ovate lip. Pleurothallis pugio is reminiscent of P. imitor, a species which also has two-flowered branches bearing yellow flowers. However, the latter is only known to occur in Monteverde Reserve at higher elevations, and differs in the petals that are only slightly decurved, with an entire margin, the sepals that are elliptic, and the lip that is triangular-sagittate.

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Karremans, A. P., & José Esteban Jiménez. (2023). Pleurothallis pugio (Orchidaceae), a new Pleurothallidinae from Costa Rica. Phytotaxa, 599(3), 150–154. doi:10.11646/phytotaxa.599.3.2