A new subgenus Peculiaripalpus subgen. nov. with a new species Partnunia (Peculiaripalpus) longlingensis sp. nov. which belongs to Partnunia Piersig, 1896 is described and illustrated. Partnunia represents a newly record genus of Protziinae Koenike, 1909 for Chinese fauna. The diagnosis of Partnunia is modified according to the new species. An updated key is provided for the subfamilies, genera and subgenera of Hydryphantidae.

Les Amis d'Acarologia

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Zhong, Hao, Smit, H., & Guo, Jian-Jun. (2024). A new subgenus representing a newly recorded genus from China, with a new species featured with special palps (Acari, Hydryphantoidea, Hydryphantidae, Partnunia). Acarologia, 64(2), 654–660. doi:10.24349/wet3-azzc