Critics argue scientific names are too complex, advocating for vernacular names, especially in online forums and regional contexts. We defend scientific binomial nomenclature, offering five reasons for its importance in promoting bee literacy and ensuring consistent communication across diverse languages and cultures. Similar to the success of Pokémon taxonomy with younger generations, our paper suggests that with proper guidance, the public can learn to understand and embrace scientific names.

Systematic Entomology
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Vereecken, Nicolas J., Prendergast, Kit S., Bossert, Silas, Hung, Keng‐Lou James, Roberts, Stuart P. M., Villagra, Cristian, … Orr, Michael C. (2024). Five good reasons not to dismiss scientific binomial nomenclature in conservation, environmental education and citizen science: A case study with bees. Systematic Entomology, 2024. doi:10.1111/syen.12636

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