We document aggregations of an undescribed benthic solitary tunicate of the family Pyuridae from the Arabian Sea. This new genus was found forming dense thickets in shallow rocky substrates around Masirah Island and the Dhofar area in Oman. Such aggregations of tunicates have not been reported before from coral reefs in the Indo-West Pacific region and the Atlantic. This observation contributes to our understanding of the ecology and biogeography of ascidians, setting the stage for a comprehensive species description and in-depth analysis of this species.

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Samimi-Namin, K., Lotufo, Tito Monteiro da Cruz, Hoeksema, B., Tweedt, Sarah M., Meyer, Christopher, & Paulay, Gustav. (2024). Unique Aggregations of a Large Undescribed Solitary Tunicate in the Arabian Sea. Diversity, 16(4). doi:10.3390/d16040221