We describe 46 species in six families of Buccinoidea from the Miocene of the Central Paratethys Sea (4 Colubrariidae, 5 Eosiphonidae, 1 Melongenidae, 14 Pisaniidae, 4 Prodotiidae, 18 Tudiclidae). For the first time species of the family Prodotiidae are documented from the European Neogene. Tethyspollia nov. gen. (Prodotiidae) and Gailleagrassor nov. gen. (Eosiphonidae) are introduced as new genera. Metula kovacsi nov. sp., Metula aliceae nov. sp. (Colubrariidae), Gailleagrassor paratethyca nov. sp., Calagrassor viciani nov. sp. (Eosiphonidae), Prodotia? wesselyi nov. sp. (Prodotiidae), Aplus hofae nov. sp., Janiopsis vindobonensis nov. sp. (Pisaniidae), Euthria brunettii nov. sp., Euthria walaszczyki nov. sp., Euthria dellabellai nov. sp., Euthria frausseni nov. sp., Euthria obelixi nov. sp., Euthria odiosa nov. sp. and Euthria zachosi nov. sp. (Tudiclidae) are introduced as new species. In addition, Aplus anatolicus nov. sp. and Euthria yesimae nov. sp. are described as new species from the Serravallian (Middle Miocene) of the Karaman Basin (Turkey).

We provide a critical survey of Paratethyan species erroneously placed in Tudiclidae. The fauna is highly endemic. The diversity reached a maximum during the Langhian Miocene Climate Optimum and declined distinctly with the onset of the Serravallian.

Staff publications

M. Harzhauser, & Landau, B. (2024). The Colubrariidae, Eosiphonidae, Melongenidae, Pisaniidae, Prodotiidae and Tudiclidae (Gastropoda, Buccinoidea) of the Miocene Paratethys Sea. Zootaxa, 5427(1), 1–110. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5427.1.1

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