This paper describes the design and build of a pilot Natural Sciences Collections Digitisation Dashboard (CDD). The CDD will become a key service for the Distributed System of Scientific Collections Research Infrastructure (DiSSCo) and aims to improve the discoverability of natural science collections (NSCs) held in European institutions, both digitised and undigitised. Furthermore, it will serve as a dynamic visual assessment tool for strategic decision-making, including the prioritisation of digitisation. The CDD pilot includes high-level information from nine European NSCs, covering the number of objects, taxonomic scope, storage type, chronostratigraphy (Earth Science Collections), geographical region and level of detail in digitisation. This information is structured through a standardised Collection Classification Scheme, which uses high-level categorisation to describe physical natural science collections.

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Research Ideas and Outcomes

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Tilley, Laura, Woodburn, Matt, Vincent, Sarah, Casino, Ana, Addink, W., Berger, Frederik, … Wiltschke, Karin. (2024). Systematic design of a natural sciences collections digitisation dashboard. Research Ideas and Outcomes, 10(e118244). doi:10.3897/rio.10.e118244