The Ukrainian Carpathian species of the genus Hybrizon Fallén, 1813 are reviewed and illustrated. Four species are currently found in the studied region, of them H. ghilarovi Tobias, 1988 is the first record for Ukraine and H. propodealis sp. nov. is described as new from Ukraine and Belgium. An updated key to the European species of Hybrizon is provided.

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Annales Zoologici
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Varga, Oleksandr, van Achterberg, C., & Libert, Pierre-Nicolas. (2023). The genus Hybrizon fallén, 1813 (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Hybrizontinae) in the Ukrainian Carpathians, with a key to European species. Annales Zoologici, 73(4), 649–658. doi:10.3161/00034541anz2023.73.4.007

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