Multi-locus and phylogenomic studies have clarified the taxonomic limits and higher-level relationships among rails (Rallidae). A recently proposed classification of rails by Kirchman et al. (2021) listed nine tribes. The names of three of these (Gymnocrecini, Amaurornithini and Pardirallini) were introduced by Livezey (1998), but these names do not meet the requirements of the ICZN Code (1999) and are therefore unavailable. We formally describe these taxa and make the names available for nomenclatural purposes. In addition, we clarify the apparent incongruence among recent phylogenetic studies in the generic (and tribal) placement of Zapornia akool.

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Avian Systematics

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Sangster, G., Jacob C. Blokland, Gregory, S. M. S., & Dickinson, E. (2024). Gymnocrecini, Amaurornithini and Pardirallini: three new family-group names for rails, with comments on the taxonomic placement of Zapornia akool (Rallidae). Avian Systematics, 2(4), 53–64.