The first records of subfamily Euthyadinae K. Viets, 1931 are presented from China. Two species are reported from Anhui Province P. R. China, i.e. Trichothyas (Lundbladia) feuerborni (K. Viets, 1929) and Trichothyas (Neothyas) zhangae Li, Jin & Guo sp. nov., were discovered. Through observation with an optical microscope and SEM (scanning electron microscope), detailed structures are illustrated and photographed. Meanwhile, detailed statistics on Trichothyas-like species were conducted and the taxonomical problems of this group are discussed.

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution 4.0 International") License

Staff publications

Li, Hai-Tao, Smit, H., Gu, Xin-Yao, Jin, Dao-Chao, & Guo, Jian-Jun. (2024). The first records of the subfamily Euthyadinae K. Viets, 1931 (Acari, Hydrachnidia, Hydryphantidae) from China with description of one new species. Acarologia, 64(1), 105–122. doi:10.24349/eahs-q4xf