Phylogenomic analysis provides strong evidence for reciprocal monophyly of African, New World and Asian trogons. The family-group name Trogonini is available for the New World trogons, whereas the clades of African and Asian trogons have been named ‘Apaloderminae’ Sibley and Ahlquist, 1985, and ‘Harpactini’ Sibley, Ahlquist and Monroe, 1986, respectively. However, we demonstrate that the latter two names did not meet the requirements of the ICZN Code (1999) and are therefore unavailable. We review past usage of family-group names of the trogons and show that no name is available for the clade of African trogons. To remedy this, we describe this taxon and make a family-group name available. We show that the correct authorship of the family-group name of the Asian trogons is Harpactini S.F. Baird (1851).

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Avian Systematics

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Sangster, G., Gregory, S. M. S., & Dickinson, E. (2023). Apalodermatinae, a new family-group name for the African trogons (Trogonidae), with clarification of the authorship of Harpactini. Avian Systematics, 2(3), 45–52.