The history, authorship, and printings of the “Museum Boltenianum … pars secunda” are discussed. It is confirmed that P. F. Röding alone was responsible for the 1798 edition. Anton August Heinrich Lichtenstein only wrote an introduction to the catalogue and, in all probability, had no role in creating the names, which was, in all probability, only done by Joachim Friedrich Bolten, the owner of the shell collection. The role of Johann Dominikus Schulze, if any, in creating the names in this catalogue remains unclear. There are two different printings of the “Museum Boltenianum … pars secunda,” both in 1798. In addition, the 1819 Noodt edition of “Museum Boltenianum … pars secunda” has some differences with the 1798 edition, as indicated by Petit (2013), including but not limited to the spelling of some names introduced in 1798. Both the “Museum Boltenianum … pars prima” and the 1819 edition contain Mollusca that are not listed in the 1798 edition, which are now listed in an appendix to this paper.

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Kronenberg, G., & Ulrich Wieneke. (2023). “Museum Boltenianum … pars secunda” by P.F. Röding (1798): an update on authorship and the printings, with an appendix listing additional Mollusca from the Bolten collection. Basteria, 87(2), 213–224.