A new genus of Braconinae, Pseudorhadinobracon Ranjith & van Achterberg, is described based on the species (P. luteus (Szépligeti) gen. et. comb. nov.) earlier classified under the genus Rhadinobracon Szépligeti. Additionally, the genus Rhadinobracon is newly reported from the Oriental region with the description of two new species from India, R. levigatus Ranjith and R. nitidus Ranjith. A taxonomic key to separate Pseudorhadinobracon from Rhadinobracon is provided. The generic diagnosis of Rhadinobracon is revised along with a taxonomic key to the extant species.

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A.P. Ranjith, van Achterberg, C., P. Girish Kumar, & Dharma Rajan Priyadarsanan. (2023). A new genus and two new species of Braconinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from the Oriental region. Zootaxa, 5374(2), 196–210. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.5374.2.2

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