: Lost sites that formerly produced exceptional fossils may be lamented, but, rarely, specimens re-emerge from obscurity. One such specimen was formerly in the private collection of the junior author, namely the Pendleian (Mississippian; Namurian) cladid crinoid Woodocrinus macrodactylus de Koninck. This species is only known from the type locality, now an infilled quarry. The most complete specimen on this slab of limestone does not expose the cup, but the proximal column and, particularly, the arms are well-preserved. A second species is referred to crinoid sp. indet. and is only known from a fragment of the arms. Fragments of arms and stems of W. macrodactylus on the bedding plane are suggestive of energetic sedimentation of autotomized (= self-mutilated) components.

The North West geologist
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Donovan, S., & B. Jeffery. (2020). A ‘new’ specimen of Woodocrinus macrodactylus de Koninck. The North West geologist, 21, 60–72.