In this 9th contribution to the Fungal Systematics and Evolution series published by Sydowia, the authors formally describe 12 species: Bipolaris chusqueae from Chile (Pleosporales); Cortinarius anomalosimilis and C. brunneoviscidus from Canada and the USA, Inocybe nigroumbonata from Pakistan, Mycena amoena from the Netherlands, Tricholoma imbricatoides and T. pseudoterreum from Canada, T. mcneilii and T. robustipes from Canada and the USA, T. pallens from Canada, the USA, and China (Agaricales); Diversispora alba from Peru (Diversisporales); and Phaeotremella dejopia from the USA (Tremellales). The following new country records are reported: Camptomyces africanus (Laboulbeniales) on Astenus sp. (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Tanzania and Tricholoma fulvimarginatum (Agaricales) from Canada.

Fungal Systematics and Evolution
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Lebeuf, R., J. Landry, Ammirati, J. F., Aronsen, A., Cantillo, T., R. Castillo, … Holzapfel, Q. M. (2023). Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 9. Fungal Systematics and Evolution, 75, 313–377.