Phylogenetic analysis supports the placement of Nesoctites as the sister-group of all extant woodpeckers (Picidae), except Jynx, Sasia, Verreauxia, and Picumnus. Bock (1994) listed ‘Nesoctitinae’ Wolters, 1976, as an available family-group name. We show that the latter name did not meet the requirements of the ICZN Code (1999) and is therefore unavailable. However, Short (1974) used the name Nesoctitini and described differences with other woodpeckers and should, therefore, be regarded as the author of the family-group name.

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Avian Systematics

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Sangster, G., Gregory, S. M. S., & Dickinson, E. (2023). The correct authorship of the family-group name Nesoctitini (Picidae). Avian Systematics, 2(I), N1–N3.