The present work brings together the results of systematic, phylogenetic and pollination studies of orchid species belonging to the genus Specklinia, with special emphasis on those with a Costa Rican distribution. In the first five chapter two species' complexes within Specklinia, that of S. endotrachys and that of S. glandulosa are resolved on the bases of morphological, genetic and geographical characterisation. The species belonging to these complexes are fully illustrated and described. Finally, two single species of Specklinia are described as new to science. This is followed by two chapters that deal with phylogenetic reconstructions of Specklinia and closely related taxa. We find that by any current definition the genus is not monophyletic and circumscribe it once again using an all evidence approach. The last chapter presents a pollination study that includes evidence from a multiple methods. We find that Specklinia species are visited and pollinated by at least 13 different Drosophila species. The flies are arrested on the flowers by the employing of aggregation pheromones. The flies linger in the flowers because of their search for nectar, and remove the pollen by accidentally stepping on the movable lip

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Karremans, A. P. (2015, November 25). Systematic, phylogenetic and pollination studies of Specklinia (Orchidaceae).