This taxonomic revision of the continental African species of Monanthotaxis (Annonaceae) includes 79 species and one variety. Thirteen new species (M. aestuaria, M. bidaultii, M. confusa, M. glabra, M. hexamera, M. mcphersonii, M. quasilanceolata, M. sterilis, M. submontana, M. suffruticosa, M. ursus, M. vulcanica and M. wieringae) are described and 5 new combinations (M. biglandulosa, M. kenyensis, M. ochroleuca, M. pynaertii and M. seretii) are made. The genus Monanthotaxis consists of lianas or lianescent shrubs. It occurs throughout forests in tropical Africa and the highest species diversity is found in the Western Central African rain forests. A key for flowering material is provided, just like a synoptic key including 45 characters. Topics included in the revision are the history of the taxonomy of Monanthotaxis, morphology, leaf anatomy, floral biology, distribution and habitat, phylogeny and finally ethnobotany and phytochemistry. Each species is fully described including synonymy, notes on distribution, habitat & ecology, vernacular names, uses and a preliminary IUCN conservation status. Distribution maps are provided for all species, illustrations for 48 species and photographs of 22 species. An index of exsiccatae and an index of the scientific names are included at the end.

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Blumea: Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
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Hoekstra, P.H., Wieringa, J.J., Maas, P.J.M., & Chatrou, L.W. (2021). Revision of the African species of Monanthotaxis (Annonaceae). Blumea: Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants, 66(2), 107–221. doi:10.3767/blumea.2021.66.02.01