In 2009 and 2010, the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University performed excavations at the archaeological site Anse Lavoutte on the Caribbean island Saint Lucia. This site was inhabited during the Late Ceramic Age, about A.D. 1000-1500. The authors analysed 20 bags of sieving material collected during these excavations and identified the shells therein. This provided information about the molluscs that lived there and/or were used by the people of the settlement. Reports on molluscs only occasionally mention some species from Saint Lucia. In addition to Malacolog, an online database inventory, this paper is also a contribution to a checklist of the molluscs of Saint Lucia.

Staff publications

S.J. van Leeuwen, Bakker, P. (Hannco) ., & M.L.P. Hoogland. (2022). Schelpen uit een archeologische opgraving op Saint Lucia (Caribisch gebied). Spirula, 430, 49–53.