An inventory the south of the province of Limburg yielded 98 spider species. Monocephalus castaneipes (Simon, 1884) is reported for the first time from The Netherlands. Four species (Theridion uhligi Martin, 1974, Evarcha laetabunda (C.L. Koch, 1846), Obscuriphantes obscurus (Blackwall, 1841), Pardosa saltans Töpfer-Hoffmann, 2000) are reported for the first time for the province of Limburg.

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SPINED Nieuwsbrief Spinnenwerkgroep Nederland
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S. IJland, Miller, J., Y. Joven van Sluijs, & van Helsdingen, P. (2011). Enkele spinnen uit Zuid-Limburg, met Monocephalus castaneipes (Araneae, Linyphiidae) nieuw voor Nederland. SPINED Nieuwsbrief Spinnenwerkgroep Nederland, 31, 19–22.