A diagnosis is given for the genus Bellimeris Betrem 1972. The lectotype female of its type species, B. bella (Bingham, 1897), is designated and described. The holotype female of the closely related Campsomeris stoetzneri Betrem, 1928 is redescribed. This species was found to be very similar or possibly a junior synonym of B. bella and is now included in the genus Bellimeris. More material, in particular males, has to become available and studied to accept or reject the synonymy. Three additional females of B. bella and one female of B. stoetzneri are described. A key is provided to separate both species. Campsomeris szetschwanensis Betrem, 1928 or the forma C (Betrem, 1941) could be the male of B. stoetzneri. The holotype of C. szetschwanensis is redescribed. A key is provided for the recognition of C. szetschwanensis and two closely related species. The literature for this species and genus is reviewed.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Schulten, G., Feijen, H., & Feijen, C. (2011). The genus Bellimeris Betrem (Hymenoptera, Scoliidae, Campsomerinae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 85(16), 887–903.