Since 1964 the name of the bryopathogenic species Hymenoscyphus subcarneus (Cooke & Peck) Kuntze has been in current use, despite being illegitimate because of homonymy. Now there is no longer need to correct this name, because in 2006 the species was transferred to a new genus, Roseodiscus. Up to 1964 the species was classified in Helotium and correctly called H. destructor, a name erroneously ascribed to Peck. The older homonym Hymenoscyphus subcarneus (Schumach.) J. Schröt. seems to be incorrect as well. It was based on Peziza subcarnea Schumach., which was presented by Fries as a likely synonym of Peziza carnea Fr. As there is sufficient evidence to support this synonymy, the new combination Phaeohelotium carneum is proposed. Simultaneously some related species of the ‘epiphyllus group’ of Hymenoscyphus are transferred to Phaeohelotium. A concluding review of earlier and later homonyms of Peziza carnea Fr. reveals the incorrectness of the author citations in the current names Geopyxis carnea and Ombrophila lilacina var. carnea.


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Hengstmengel, J. (2009). Notes on Hymenoscyphus — 3: On the nomenclature of Hymenoscyphus subcarneus (Ascomycota, Helotiales). Mycotaxon, 107, 267–276.