Polysyncraton Nott, 1892 is the second largest genus of didemnid ascidians; it has a wide distribution ranging from temperate to tropical waters. Seventy-one specimens of Polysyncraton from eight museum collections and recently collected samples were analyzed. This resulted in the description of three new species (P. cabofriense Oliveira & Rocha sp. nov. from Brazil, P. globosum Oliveira & Rocha sp. nov. from Australia and P. snelliusi Oliveira & Rocha sp. nov. from Suriname) and emended descriptions of three further species (P. amethysteum (Van Name, 1902), P. magnilarvum (Millar, 1962) and P. purou C. Monniot & F. Monniot, 1987).

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Keywords Ascidian, biodiversity, COI, taxonomy, Tunicata
Publisher Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2019.519
Journal European Journal of Taxonomy
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Oliveira, Livia M., Hoeksema, B.W, & Rocha, Rosana M. (2019). Polysyncraton (Ascidiacea, Didemnidae): a re-examination of some specimens and descriptions of three new species. European Journal of Taxonomy, (519), 1–25. doi:10.5852/ejt.2019.519