Triphoridae is a family of marine caenogastropods with worldwide distribution. Its maximum diversity is in the Indo-Pacific province, where it is among the five most species-rich families. Taxonomic knowledge is scant and complicated by the high diversity and intra-specific variability. Knowledge of type specimens of described taxa is the fundamental first step for a taxonomic revision of the family. The Museum für Naturkunde hosts one of the most significant triphorid collections, which includes material described by W. Dunker, L. Pfeiffer, J. Thiele and E. von Martens. Type material of 29 species is described and illustrated; where appropriate, lectotypes have been designated to stabilize nomenclature. The specimens of one species, Triforis delicatula Thiele, do not fully match the original description and we refrain from selecting a lectotype, although we profusely illustrate them. Although not type material, specimens of Triforis tricincta Dunker have been included in this work to contribute to the knowledge on Dunker’s species. For all species, the original descriptions in German or Latin are reported, with a full translation into English, and remarks have been added where appropriate.

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Zoosystematics and Evolution
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Albano, P., & Bakker, P. (Hannco) . (2016). Annotated catalogue of the types of Triphoridae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, with lectotype designations. Zoosystematics and Evolution, 92(1), 33–78. doi:10.3897/zse.92.5936