In 2015 and 2016, the occurrence of the tribe Chelonini (Braconidae, Cheloninae) in the province of Hamadan (western Iran) was surveyed using malaise traps. In total, 12 species were discovered. Chelonus (C.) olgae Kokujev, 1895 is new to the fauna of Iran and one species, Chelonus (Microchelonus) subpamiricus Farahani & van Achterberg sp. nov., is new to science. The diagnostic characters and supplementary illustrations of the newly recorded species are provided.

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Turkish journal of zoology
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Rajabi Mazharelis, A., Goldasteh, S., Farahani, S., & van Achterberg, C. (2018). New species and new record of Chelonini (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from western Iran. Turkish journal of zoology, 42, 416–421. doi:10.3906/zoo-1711-9