A description is given of the fossil small mammal remains that were found during dredging activities in the Oosterschelde estuary, the Netherlands. The following taxa are encountered in the samples: Mimomys pliocaenicus, Mimomys reidi, Mimomys tigliensis, Mimomys newtoni, Trogontherium sp., Beremendia fissidens, Sorex (Drepanosorex) praearaneaus, and Galemys kormosi. The find of one m1 of Microtus oeconomus is considered to be a contamination. The fauna is of Late Pliocene age, and may appear slightly older than the classic Tegelen fauna. In terms of mammal zonation, we consider the age to be MN17.

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Deinsea : jaarbericht van het Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam
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Reumer, J., Mayhew, D. F., & van Veen, J. C. (2005). Small mammals from the Late Pliocene Oosterschelde dredgings. Deinsea : jaarbericht van het Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, 11, 103–118.