Four new species of Trigonalyidae are described and illustrated from Qinling Mts (Shaanxi, NW China): Bareogonalos xibeidai Tan & van Achterberg, sp. n., Jezonogonalos mandibularis sp. n., J. shaanxiensis sp. n., and Taeniogonalos paraclypeata sp. n. Orthogonalys hirasana Teranishi, 1929, is re-instated and reported from China. The female of Taeniogonalos alticola (Tsuneki, 1991) is described for the first time. In total, 18 species are known from Shaanxi province, 20 species for NW China, and eight described species are newly recorded for Shaanxi: Jezonogonalos luteata Chen et al., 2014, Orthogonalys hirasana Teranishi, 1929, O. elongata Teranishi, 1929, Pseudogonalos hahnii (Spinola, 1840), Taeniogonalos alticola (Tsuneki,1991), T. formosana (Bischoff, 1913), T. taihorina (Bischoff, 1914), and Teranishia glabrata Chen et al., 2014. Poecilogonalos maga Teranishi, 1929, syn. n. and Taiwanogonalos claripennis Tsuneki, 1991, syn. n. are new synonyms of Taeniogonalos taihorina (Bischoff, 1914) and Taiwanogonalos alishana Tsuneki, 1991, syn. n. of Taeniogonalos alticola (Tsuneki, 1991). Revised keys to species of the genera Bareogonalos, Jezonogonalos, and Orthogonalys are included.

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Tan, J.-L., van Achterberg, C., Tan, Q.-Q., & Zhao, L.-P. (2017). New species of Trigonalyidae (Hymenoptera) from NW China. ZooKeys, 698, 17–58. doi:10.3897/zookeys.698.13366