Gulella annibiodiversitatis spec. nov. is described from a few scattered localities in montane forest above c. 1300 m in southern-central Malaŵi. It is mainly characterized by a smallish (4.9-6.3 mm high), smooth and generally featureless shell without apertural dentition. Gulella menkhorsti spec. nov., has a small (2.3-2.9 mm high) and smooth shell with a six-fold dentition and is probably a restricted range endemic; so far it has only been recorded from the Mpita Forest in southern Malaŵi. A single smooth and small shell (2.7 mm) with a seven-fold apertural dentition from the Misuku Hills in northern Malaŵi also does represent a new species, Gulella crux spec. nov. Another sample from the same area, introduced as Gulella nuchalis spec. nov., has a medium-smallish (about 7.0 mm) and costulate shell with apical spiral sculpture and a six-fold apertural dentition; it is particularly characterized by what looks like an old outer labrum behind the reflected labrum.

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van Bruggen, D. (2011). Studies on the Streptaxidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda Pulmonata) of Malawi 12 Four new species of Gulella s.l. Zoologische Mededelingen, 85(13), 849–864.