The most recent phylogenetic analyses of the Malphigiales place the family Rafflesiaceae in the Euphorbiaceae, near the base of the clade. Combining both families is not an attractive option, because the Rafflesiaceae are very recognisable, while the Euphorbiaceae is one of the most polymorphic families around. The solution is to recognize the basal part of the Euphorbiaceae as Peraceae, which will leave the Rafflesiaceae and rest of the Euphorbiaceae untouched. The typical characters of the Peraceae are discussed. Within Malesia the family contains two genera, Chaetocarpus (1 species) and Trigonopleura (3 species). All species are mainly west Malesian taxa. They have as shared typical characters obovate stipules, united stamens and densely hairy fruits. The treament contains nomenclature, identification keys, descriptions, drawings, photos and notes on districution, ecology, uses, etc.