In Malesia there are 43 native genera in these two subfamilies. The largest genus in Malesia is Alyxia with 55 species, followed by Parsonsia with 27 species (one with 7 varieties), Kopsia with 18 species and 2 varieties, Alstonia with 16 species, Kibatalia with 15 species, and Anodendron and Tabernaemontana with 14 species each. Altogether there are 295 native species in Malesia, comprising 304 taxa when one includes infraspecific taxa. The introductory part consists of chapters on distribution, ecology, classification, morphology, pollen morphology (by S. Lodder, E.M.J. Rutten & R.W.J.M. van der Ham), wood anatomy (by P. Baas, F. Lens & E.A. Wheeler), pollination, dispersal, uses, and spot characters. General and regional keys to the species are given. For each species references, synonymy, a description with distribution, habitat, and often also notes on characters, relationships, etc. are presented. The treatment is illustrated with 113 line drawings, 11 maps and 1 plate.