A pantropical family with 37 genera of which 14 indigenous and in total 1070–1100 species of which 60 non-Ficus species in the Malesian region. Two genera and five non-Ficus species have been introduced. The introductory part comprises chapters on distribution, morphology, pollen morphology (by R.P.W. Kromhout & R.W.J.M. van der Ham), wood anatomy (by P. Baas), chemotaxonomy (by R. Hegnauer), cytotaxonomy, ecology, reproductive biology, classification, and uses. Keys to the tribes, genera, and species are given. The treatments of genera and species comprise references, synonymy, description, indications about distribution and ecology, and notes on relationships, etc. The genera and species are alphabetically arranged under six tribes. The treatment is illustrated with 25 line drawings and 4 distribution maps.