Three new species of Salacia are described. Salacia bullata spec. nov., a liana, characterized by bullate leaves, was collected in Brazil, Territorio Amapa. It comes closest to S. amplectens. A.C. Smith’s key (1940) should be amended to include a new group ‘Amplectentes’. This group, containing S. bullata and S. amplectens would be near ‘Arboreae’. Salacia alwynii, spec. nov., a vining species comes from Peru, Maynas, and is characterized by very large leaves and large cauliflorous flowers. It belongs to the species group ‘Ellipticae’ sensu Smith. It was also collected in Venezuela. Salacia paradoxa spec. nov. is a liana collected in Brazil along the Manaus-Caracarai road. Its long leaves are narrowly elliptic, its flowers are extremely small. In leaf characters it is strikingly similar to S. solimoesensis of Smith’s species group ‘Ellipticae’, the shape of the disk, however, suggests the species group ‘Crassifoliae’. Specimens with fruits, collected in western Brazil may belong either to S. paradoxa or to S. solimoesensis.