Several species in neotropical genera are described, viz. 1 in Bocageopsis, 2 in Cremastosperma, 1 in Hornschuchia, 1 in Oxandra, 4 in Pseudoxandra, and 2 in Unonopsis. Cremastosperma anomalum R.E. Fries is transferred to Malmea. Cremastosperma pacificum R.E. Fries is recorded for Panama for the first time. Xylopia ulei Diels, X. neglecta (O. Kuntze) R.E. Fries, and X. intermedia R.E. Fries are brought into synonymy with X. benthamii R.E. Fries, X. parviflora Spruce, and X. sericea A. St.Hil. respectively. The African Xylopia parviflora (A. Rich.) Benth., non Spruce, now has to bear the name X. longipetala De Wild, et T. Durand.

Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium

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Maas, P., van Heusden, E. C. H., Koek-Noorman, J., van Setten, A. K., & Westra, L. Y. T. (1983). Studies in Annonaceae. VII. New species from the Neotropics and miscellaneous notes. Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium, 1(1), 249–278.