This paper follows upon an earlier paper in the series “Studies in Annonaceae” (Maas et al. 1986). Twelve new species are described, viz. 2 in Duguetia, 1 in Ephedranthus, 5 in Guatteria, 2 in Hornschuchia, 1 in Tetrameranthus, and 1 in Unonopsis. A new combination is made in Enicosanthellum. Some amendments and additions to the revision of Tetrameranthus (Westra 1985), including an updated key, are given. Monocarpia euneura Miq. appears to have priority over M. marginalis (R. Scheffer) James Sincl. Additional collections have been made of the rare species Bocagea longepedunculata Martius, Xylopia crinita R.E. Fries, and Xylopia excellens R.E. Fries. Attention is drawn to several recent collections from Bahia, Brazil, which are perhaps referable to Unonopsis stipitata Diels. H. León, Popayán, and D. Sánchez S., Medellín, contributed to three of the new species.

Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium

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Maas, P., van Heusden, E. C. H., Koek-Noorman, J., van Setten, A. K., & Westra, L. Y. T. (1988). Studies in Annonaceae. IX. New species from the Neotropics and miscellaneous notes. Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium, 3(1), 243–282.