The wood anatomy of the Moreae without urticaceous stamens is described in detail. Generic descriptions of the following genera are provided: Antiaropsis, Artocarpus, Bagassa, Batocarpus, Clarisia, Parartocarpus, Poulsenia, Prainea, Sorocea, Sparattosyce, and Treculia. Wood anatomical variation below the genus level is very limited, except in the genus Clarisia. Intergeneric variation, however, is much more evident. Most genera can be recognised by the presence or absence of septate fibres, and of radial latex tubes, the size of the intervascular pits, the parenchyma distribution, and crystal distribution. The diagnostic and taxonomic value of several characters is discussed.

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Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium

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ter Welle, B. J. H., Koek-Noorman, J., & Topper, S. M. C. (1983). The systematic wood anatomy of the Moraceae (Uriticales). V. Genera of the tribe Moreae without urticaceous stamens. Miscellaneous publications of the University of Utrecht Herbarium, 1(1), 175–193.