SETTEN, A. K. van & KOEK-NOORMAN, J.: Studies in Annonaceae. VI. A leafanatomical survey of genera of Annonaceae in the Neotropics. — Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 108: 17—50. 1986. — ISSN 0006-8152. Within the scope of the multidisciplinary research project on systematics of Annonaceae, a survey of the leafanatomical features and their distribution in the neotropical Annonaceae is presented. The studied specimens form a rather homogeneous group, as may appear from the family description given here. A detailed study of the leafanatomical features reveals, that differences are mainly found in the indument, the position and contents of the idioblasts, the structure of the primary vein, the type of crystals in the epidermal cells, and the type of sclereids. Based on character states, phenetic similarities and differences are discussed and compared with the classifications of FRIES (1959) and WALKER (1971).