The following notes have been written during the preparation of the account of the Bignoniaceae for Pulle’s Flora of Suriname, and deal with the more important identifications and namechanges which have been made while the work was in progress. Previous studies on the Guiana representatives of this family appeared in the Kew Bulletin for 1932, pp. 18-28; 81-93. The Suriname material in the Herbaria of Utrecht, Leyden, Brussels and Göttingen has been sent on loan to Kew, and the writer has had the opportunity of studying the whole of the Tropical American Bignoniaceae at Kew, the British Museum, Paris and Geneva; while other specimens have been lent by the Herbaria of Berlin-Dahlem, Munich, Uppsala and Copenhagen. To the authorities of all these institutions he wishes to tender his best thanks; while he is especially indebted to Mr. J. Bausch, of Holland, for his kindness in preparing a number of slides of pollen-grains.