The author reports the discovery of the moss Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr. in the municipality of Wijlre in the extreme south of the Dutch province of Limburg. This is the first certain find from this area. See distribution map – fig. 2. Rhodobryum occurs on a steep part with a grade of about 30° of a north-facing hillside which borders the valley of the rivulet Geul. This steep part originated by specific land use for several centuries and it forms a part of a pasture which lies below it and is incidentally grazed by cattle. Above the locality a forest stretches towards the hill top. The habitat of Rhodobryum roseum receives no direct sunshine and the microclimatological situation can be defined as open shade. The air humidity is constantly rather high. The subsoil consists of calcareous deposits of Upper-Senone age. The pH measured at a depth of ca. 5 cm. in the soil is about 7-8. The altitude of the locality is about 125 m. above sea level.