In Rep. spec. nov. regni veget. XLIV (1938) p. 33 K. Suessenguth censures my commentary on Abolboda (cf. Rec. trav. bot. néerl. XXXIV, p. 492). As I can not admit the correctness of the criticism a short reply may be permitted. On p. 492 of my paper arguments have been given tending to prove first that Xyris americana Aubl. does not belong to Xyris but to Abolboda, and secondly that it is conspecific with Abolboda Poeppigii Kunth. Now Suessenguth writes:: „Lanjouw nimmt in Gegensatz zu Suessenguth und Beyerle sowie den früheren Autoren an, das Xyris americana Aubl. dasselbe sei, wie Abolboda Poeppigii Kunth.” This suggests that I am the only botanist by whom Aublet’s species has been put in the genus Abolboda and who has advocated its identity with Abolboda Poeppigii Kunth. Malme, who has spent a great deal of his life on the Xyridaceae, however, was already convinced that it belongs to the genus Abolboda, and that the species is identical with Abolboda Poeppigii Kunth had been suggested by Heimerl. This has been pointed out in my paper and I can not understand, therefore, why Suessenguth writes „in Gegensatz zu den früheren Autoren”.