In my revision of the Rubiaceae in Pulle’s Flora of Surinam two genera, viz. Pagamea and Perama, which are now usually included in this family, are relegated to an appendix. On account of its superior ovary Pagamea was formerly reckoned to the Loganiaceae, from where it was referred to the Rubiaceae by Baillon and K. Schumann, who were of opinion that its solitary ascending ovules, and the valvate aestivation of the corolla lobes assigned it a place among the Psychotrieae. I think however that they overestimated the value of these characters, which are of a rather general nature, and that Pagamea both in the structure of its inflorescence and in that of its flowers shows so little resemblance to the Psychotrieae that it is impossible to include it in this group. In my opinion its removal from the Loganiaceae was not justified.