In 1904, H. Christ described a fern collected by C. Wercklé in Costa Rica as Saccoloma wercklei. It was listed under Saccoloma in Christensen’s Index Filicum (1906), but appeared as a species of doubtful position, perhaps belonging to Ormoloma, in the Third Supplement (1934, p. 170). This was probably based on the authority of Maxon’s comments (1933, p. 144), given in connection with his description of the latter genus. Apparently neither Christensen nor Maxon had seen the type-specimen. When preparing a revision of the Lindsaeoid ferns of the New World (1957), I borrowed the type-specimen of S. wercklei from the Paris Herbarium, in which Christ’s herbarium is incorporated, in order to ascertain whether that species did or did not belong in Ormoloma.