The present paper has been written in connection with the account of the Papilionaceae for Pulle’s Flora of Suriname. The investigations were chiefly carried on in the herbarium of Utrecht; I also spent some time in the herbaria of Kew, Leiden and Paris and of the British Museum of Natural History in London. I wish to tender my best thanks to the directors and staffs of these institutions for their hospitality and assistance and also to the „Miquelfonds” which enabled me to go to London and Paris. Further I am indebted to the directors of the herbaria of Berlin-Dahlem, Brussel, Geneva and Leiden for lending specimens. Miss A. Kleinhoonte, who first was to write the account of the Papilionaceae and had already determinated a large part of the material, could, owing to lack of time, not finish the work. Some new species and critical remarks were published by her in Rec. Trav. bot. neerl. XXV and XXX. On the suggestion of Prof. A. A. Pulle I have taken over her work. I wish to thank here Prof. Pulle for his advice and interest.