The flora of the southern Surinam savannas (not completely known but probably so for the greater part) consists of 314 species collected so far. Ten of these were not found in any other region, 6 belong to the southern Guianan element, 14 to the Guianan element, the rest have a wider distribution. Fourty of the species occur in this region on the northern limit of their area and 18 of these even reach their northernmost station here. Among the 290 species collected on savannas in central Amazonia 82 species were found also on the savannas of southern Surinam. Northern Surinam, with a total of 288 recorded savanna species, has 183 species in common with southern Surinam. This floristic contrast can be correlated for about half of the differentiating species with ecological or geographic factors. The geographic spectra of the two regions are greatly similar.