The new species described below belongs like St. leplocaulis Brem. (in Nova Guinea, new ser., 8: 129. 1957) to the subgenus Telrastichum, which is characterized by the presence in each of the ovary cells of circ. 60 ovules arranged in four rows and by the lower flowers of the inflorescence being subtended by ordinary leaves. The new species is easily distinguishable from St. leptocaulis by its larger and relatively wider leaves and by its obovate-orbicular bracts. Staurogyne latibracteata Brem. n. spec. ad subgenus Tetrastichum pertinens, caule ascendente et anthisre appendiculatis ad St. Neesii (Vidal) C. B. Clarke ex Merr., St. rivularem Merr. et St. leptocaulem Brem. accedens, caule pilis capitatis vestito praesertim St. Neesii et St. leptocauli similor sed bracteis multo latioribus ab eis et a speciebus omnibus huius generis hactenus notis faciliter distinguenda.